BC Wheelchair Basketball offers a number of programs and events for athletes.


Regular wheelchair basketball programs take place in BC communities.


For those both with a disability and without, from beginner to experienced players.


A BC league that provides competitive opportunities for registered teams.

Provincial Teams

A team of 10 - 12 players is selected each year to represent BC at various events.

BC Winter Games

BC Games Society stages these Games in rotating host cities across BC.

Canada Games

Every 4 years Team BC gears up for the next Canada Winter Games.

High Performance

For those both with a disability and without, training and competing at a higher level provincially and/or nationally.

Regional Clubs

Programs are also available throughout British Columbia through local clubs.

School & Community Participation Program

The BC Wheelchair Basketball (BCWBS) Schools and Community Participation Program is designed to educate students, teachers, and community groups about the sport of wheelchair basketball and about disability awareness.