The Sport

Wheelchair basketball is a fast paced, physical and dynamic game in the adapted sport community. 

Unlike most other wheelchair sports, wheelchair basketball is inclusive; this means that able-bodied athletes participate, train and compete alongside athletes with a physical disabilty all the way up to the international level. 

Wheelchair basketball is now the most widely participated in of all wheelchair sports. Opportunities exist for all age groups and athletic abilities. Come out and give it a try! 

What's unique in wheelchair basketball?

  • Players are allowed to double dribble. After two pushes you must dribble, pass or shoot the ball.
  • Able-bodied (AB) and athletes with disabilities play together on the same team.
  • Depending on ability level, players are classified and assigned a point value ranging from 1.0 to 4.5. The classification point value of the five players competing on the court is totalled, and may not exceed a certain number depending on the league or level of play.